How do companies like mine manage energy, perceive energy issues, and make energy decisions that improve business?

Research Community participants are invited to join our Executive Research Panel. Panelists complete targeted surveys that focus on the exchange of ideas, opinions, and practices related to the procurement and management of energy.

  • Make a Difference. Your feedback has a real impact on the development of new energy products and services for businesses like yours.
  • Stay Informed. You will receive research summaries about cutting-edge issues driving energy management.
  • Earn Rewards. You'll be compensated for your time with points that can be redeemed at web-based gift sites or allocated as charitable contributions. Points are also awarded for taking part in our referral program. An online Rewards Center makes it easy for you to track your points.
  • Maintain Privacy. You'll receive e-mail notification of available surveys that match your profile and reflect the issues that are pertinent to you. We keep your personal information confidential, so you'll never receive unsolicited e-mail as a result of joining the Executive Research Panel. We won't waste your time on topics that are not aligned with your responsibilities and interests.
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