Restructuring Today reports aggregated electricity supplier prices for commercial accounts

News source teams with the Energy Research Council to provide same-day, real-time supplier prices

Salisbury, MD, November 20, 2014Restructuring Today (RT), a daily news source chronicling competitive wholesale and retail energy markets in the U.S., has begun publishing a weekly examination of commercial retail power prices, in conjunction with the Energy Research Council (ERC), a research firm that conducts syndicated research to understand the energy practices and priorities of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). Weekly reports show average price benchmarks available to SMB customers in 13 states. “The ERC provides aggregated price benchmarks covering all deregulated electricity markets in the U.S. for future supply start dates extending 12 months into the future,” says James Moore, Ph.D., President of the ERC.

“Competitive electricity suppliers can benefit from benchmarking daily pricing across time, rate classes, and utility service territories,” says Moore. In the past, limited insight into competitive pricing has caused wide price ranges in particular utilities for particular rate classes. Sometimes the lowest price provider will lower prices even further to gain market share.

RT’s weekly report integrates daily pricing matrices from leading retail electricity suppliers, efficiently benchmarking same-day, real-time supply prices. Analysis will identify nationwide and state-based price trends. The first of RT’s planned series was published in its November 17, 2014, subscription-only issue.

About Restructuring Today Launched in 1997, subscription-based Restructuring Today is the nation’s leading daily news source chronicling ongoing efforts to open competitive wholesale and retail energy markets with in-depth analysis on why some fail and others succeed.

About Energy Research Council
Providing facts-based thought leadership for the energy industry, the ERC conducts syndicated research to understand the energy needs, practices, and priorities of middle-market companies. Reaching members of more than 100 trade associations and the broader business community, the ERC equips customers to make smart energy decisions.

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