Energy Research Council finds majority of middle-market companies regularly evaluate electricity prices

An ERC survey of 1,245 middle-market companies highlights key energy management practices

Salisbury, Md., October 15, 2013—Findings from an Energy Research Council (ERC) survey show three quarters of middle-market companies evaluate electricity prices on a regular and frequent basis. Conducted in April 2013, the research evaluated 1,245 middle-market companies in states that have deregulated energy procurement, and assessed how they procure and manage electricity supply.

“The research provides valuable insights on how middle-market companies evaluate and select competitive energy suppliers,” said James Moore, Ph.D., President of the Energy Research Council. The survey revealed that most (62%) middle-market companies obtain at least two or three price quotes prior to selecting a supplier. Only 21% of middle-market companies sign an electricity supply contract based on a single price quote. Because electricity prices change on a daily basis, most companies review multiple price quotes before making a decision.

Research found that while price tends to drive the selection of a competitive energy supplier, it is not the only factor impacting the buying decision. Demonstrating an advantage in service reliability, billing accuracy, or contract terms & conditions, may offset pricing gaps between competitive suppliers, according to the survey results.

Sponsored by APPI Energy, ConEdison Solutions, Direct Energy, Liberty Power, and Washington Gas Energy Services, the survey supports the ERC mission to provide facts-based thought leadership to the energy industry. For more information about the ERC, visit or contact James Moore at 410-749-5519. For more survey results, download our Research Brief.

About the Energy Research Council
A consortium of leading energy suppliers, the Energy Research Council (ERC) conducts quarterly research to understand the energy needs, practices, and priorities of middle-market companies. The ERC mission is to provide facts-based thought leadership that educates middle-market businesses concerning effective energy acquisition and management practices. Reaching members of more than 100 trade associations and the broader business community, the ERC equips customers to make smart energy decisions.

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